What products do I need to purchase to be eligible for the promotion?

The below models are participating products:

SG-5I700TSL $300
SG-W65TSL $300
GF-V910MBL $300
GF-V706MBL $300
GF-V706BSL $300
GF-V570MBL $300
GS-V665MBL $300
GS-VB680PL $300
GF-D706MBL $250
GF-D706BSL $250
GF-L706MBL $250
GF-L706PL $250
GF-B730MBL $250
GF-B730PL $250
GF-L570MBL $250
GF-L570PL $250
GF-L570MBNL $250
GF-L570PNL $250
GF-B590MBL $250
GF-B590PL $250
GS-D665PL $200
GS-L668MBNL $200
GS-L668PNL $200
GS-L668PL $200
GS-B680PL $200
GS-B680WL $200
GS-B680MBL $200
GS-B680DSLE $200

When does this promotion start and end?

The promotion will commence from 12:01am (AEDT) on 1st July 2021 to 11:59pm (AEDT) on 1st September 2021.

When do I need to submit my claim by?

All claims must be registered by 30th September 2021 to be considered.

What if I don't have my serial number available during the promotional period?

If a claimant is unable to provide the serial number of the Participating Product at the time of submitting the online claim form as the Participating Product has not yet been delivered, the claim should still be registered by 30th September 2021. The claimant must still register all details via the online claim, minus the serial number.

You must, within seven days of the date of the delivery of the Participating Product, insert your serial number online and finalise the claim to be considered eligible for the cash back.

How do I contact you about this promotion?

The best way is by phoning the LG promotional hotline on 1300 138 540 between 8.30am and 5pm (AEST) Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

Phone: 1300 138 540
Email: lgpromotions@campaign.net.au
LG Fridge Cashback 2021 PO Box 603, Eastern Suburbs Mail Centre, NSW 2004

I entered a different name on the entry form, from the name on the receipt. Is this ok?

No, it is not. The name/entrant on the entry form must match the name on the receipt, in order to be eligible for this promotion.

I don't have access to email or the internet is there another way I can enter?

Unfortunately not, you will need to find a family member or friend who can do this for you on your behalf. Please call us on 1300 138 540 if you are having trouble entering online.

Why don't I get an email back straight away after registering?

Sometimes there are short delays in email transmission. If you have not received a confirmation email within an hour, you may have entered an incorrect email address. It is also possible that your email service provider is blocking this mail as Spam or Junk mail. Please check your Spam and Junk Mail folders.

When will I receive my cash back?

Your cash back will be issued within 10 weeks from the date your claim has been validated. We will send you an email to confirm when the funds have been sent to your nominated bank account. Please allow 2-3 days for this to land in your bank account (dependent on bank provider).

The payment reference in your statement will be your claimcode. If you are still unable to locate your funds please contact our Promotions team on 1300 138 540.